22 - 29 September

The Arts House, Gallery II


Solo Exhibition



Perceptions is about the unknown. It’s about to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. And it’s about the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. From dark to light, from patterns to landscapes, Allen has refined his unique technique to lead you into inception. His ‘laissez-faire’-ish bold brush strokes rouses a three-dimensional abstract realm on a flat surface, to tell a story. The works in this exhibition urge you to look deeper at each of Allen Tang’s artworks. The longer you view each painting, you realise you are being drawn into it and soon find yourself a part of the painting rather than apart from the painting.


Allen’s perception of the world, his life, the people he meets, his surroundings and many life events evoke a certain emotion which he then pours into his works. When we look at his art, we are able to feel that emotion through the colours he uses and the careful meticulous hidden details. As you start unravelling his works, you begin not only to understand him but also begin to understand your emotional perception of your world into his creative mind. There’s definitely something mystical when you start resonating with art. Because it’s relatable, you find yourself being enchanted. And that’s what Allen Tang’s works are, magic.

The Works