Allen Tang is a Singapore Contemporary artist who has developed a technique to break the ubiquitous norm of ‘Oil on Canvas’. His experimental technique is the key to the success of his paintings.

Each of Allen’s paintings are masterpieces that are inimitable. Allen’s inspiration travels through time and dimensions, using abstracts of life events elements of nature and energy from the universe hence blurring the boundaries between reality and surrealism into his expressive abstraction paintings. His works, devoid of real forms, are enlivened with bold linear strokes and rich thick oil colours which depict a “semblance of reality”. He uses a 360-degree approach to his method, which breaches the threshold of three-dimensional art into a three-dimensional oil painting on a flat surface (acrylic boards).


Allen held his first exhibition in 1985 at the French Embassy in Singapore. He has since had 6 solo exhibitions and 3 charity auctions in Singapore.

His works have been collected by corporations, design houses and celebrities locally and abroad.